About Chef Jeremy Rose & Owner John Blanco

Temptations Café has been an ice cream staple on Main Street in Nyack for over 40 years.

In August 2010, John Blanco and son-in-law Chef Jeremy Rose came in to give it a complete makeover. Since then, they have added additional ice cream flavors, created an innovative new menu, added murals and an herb garden in the private patio.

Owner John Blanco, a scrap metal owner and operator for over 30 years, purchased Temptations Café to fulfill his life’s dream of being a restaurant owner. Over the course of the 7 years, John has really taken to being a restauranteur, showing his guests the true meaning of hospitality while enjoys getting to know his guests. He is determined to have everyone leave happy and satisfied. Regular guests have become true friends. He will treat them to a meal for dining in Temptations often, something other restaurants shy away from.

Chef Jeremy is a Pastry graduate of the French Culinary Institute and trained under Chef Peter Kelly. After pastry school, he landed a job on Wall Street in Corporate Dining where he established his culinary foundation under Chef Luis Branez. He took his training of changing menus daily from a scratch kitchen in NYC and brought it to Nyack. Both John and Jeremy have really formed a true family owned and operated restaurant. They greet, chat with, and treat their guests as if they were a family member. From vendors to employees to guests, everyone enjoys the warm and inviting atmosphere.

Since taking over the restaurant, the menu has changed to showcase specialty burgers, the best mac and cheese in Rockland county, gourmet salads and sandwiches with only the freshest ingredients, and house made salad dressings. The sandwiches and burgers come with a variety of choices for sides, from fresh cut French fries to Basil Grilled Vegetables. Temptations takes pride in our “fresh is best” mentality by making soups and menu items from scratch. Our burgers are from Pat Lafrieda, with Lamb, Pork, Turkey, and Pat Lafrieda’s Signature Beef Blend, paired with Chef Jeremy’s twist on flavor combinations, you can’t go wrong with any one of them. Sandwiches on the menu are made with bread that is delivered daily, some options that you won’t find anywhere else. Fresh Ahi Tuna Fish Salad, and a Veggie Sandwich on 7-grain bread for example. Jeremy and his kitchen staff have created specific menu items to cater to those who are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free.

The real strength is in our surprisingly adventurous and rotating specials list, which consistently features interesting take on world cuisines. Chef Jeremy has created extremely unique specials including Soft Shell Crab sandwiches, Korean Rack of Lamb, Rabbit Curry Stew and Venison Ropa Viejo, just to name a few. He does not shy away from any cuisines or ingredients. He has been called a mad scientist for the fusion dishes he has created.

Since 2012, we offer beer, wine, liquor and John’s Famous House Sangria. Chef Jeremy used his pastry experience of making red wine ice cream and Jack Daniels ice cream to craft a new treat for adults, liquor infused milk shakes. When it came to creating the milk shakes, recipes were tried and tested. The crafty names and combinations include the Irish Goodbye (mint and whisky) and the Banana Foster (spiced rum, vanilla ice cream, banana, and caramel sauce). Both have been incredibly popular.

We encourage you to check us out and see what the locals call the “hidden gem of Nyack.” Come get to know who we are and our background, that will be the icing on the cake.