Chef’s Specials

Specials are Designed & executed by Chef Jeremy and his kitchen team.

Add Grilled Chicken $3, Breaded $4, Steak m/p, Fish M/P.




scallion pancakes 10.95

handmade Chinese style scallion and toasted sesame seeds pancakes. wasabi soy and ginger dipping sauce.

fishy fingers 13.95

panko and herb crusted fresh pollack fish strips. homemade lemon tartar sauce.


no wall for the Gumbo 21.95

garlic marinated shrimp, andouille sausage, bell peppers, Vidalia onions, celery. cajun spiced gumbo
sauce. file powder .steamed basmati rice, cilantro sprigs.

an ethiopian mackerel 19.95

seared Spanish mackerel filet. sweet plantain and chili puree. Afrcan birds eye chili pepper spice, grilled
tomato and onion slices. crispy yucca.

rabbit cacciatore 26.95

San marzano braised rabbit legs. homemade black pepper noodles. sautéed zucchini and yellow squash.
grated cured egg yolk. fresh herbs.

Gucci gochujang cheesesteak 21.95

soy and sesame grilled shaved skirt steak and Vidalia onion. gochujang pepper aioli. toasted wasabi and
black sesame seeds. melted mozzarella cheese. side of house cut french fries.

twisted butternut pasta 13.95

rotini pasta, vegetarian butternut squash sauce, cauliflower florets, asparagus, spinach leaves.
cilantro sprigs, toasted spiced pumpkin seeds, goat cheese crumbles.

cheese and fruit salad 13.95

baby arugula, toasted almond slices. granny smith apples. dried cherries. carrots. panko crusted brie
cheese. shaved fennel. raspberry vinaigrette.