Jordan’s Choice 10.95

Chicken Fingers,
Mozzarella Triangles,
french Fries

Kids Cheesy
Triangles 7.95

Mozzarella Triangles
with Marinara Sauce and
French Fries

Fingers & Fries 9.95

Breaded Chicken with
French Fries and Honey

Hot Dog 7.95

Grilled Kobe Beef Hot
Dog, Potato Bun &
French Fries

Kids Cheeseburger 8.95

quarter pound burger
with American Cheese
and French Fries

Pasta 4.95

Penne Pasta with Butter
or Marinara Sauce. Side
of Parmesan

Grilled Cheese 5.95

White Bread, American
Cheese & French Fries

Kids Mac n Cheese 8.95

shell pasta, creamy
cheese sauce