Chef’s Specials

Specials are Designed & executed by Chef Jeremy and his kitchen team.

Add Grilled Chicken $3, Breaded $4, Steak m/p, Fish M/P.





Samett’s Overseas Octopus  13.95

baby Spanish grilled octopus, Spanish paprika and lemon spread, roasted sweet potato puree, sweet potato chips, charred broccoli bites.

Spinach Artichoke Won-tons 10.95

creamy spinach, artichoke and mozzarella cheese filled crispy won ton wrappers. tomato-balsamic jam dipping sauce.


“Basic” Pumpkin Scallops 25.95

seared day boat scallops, braised leeks, pumpkin pancakes, maple and curry sauce, sour cream, cilantro & pumpkin seed spread.

Still Looking for Dory 20.95

seared long island john dory filet, creamy black garlic puree, sautéed squash and tomato. whipped rutabaga. crispy potato petals.

Ma’s Turkey Dinner 19.95

turkey tenderloin, rosemary and thyme baked stuffing, roasted acorn squash, mandarin orange-cranberry sauce, house made gravy, fresh herbs.

Tempz Big Max Quesadilla 15.95

cooked pat lafrieda ground beef, shredded cheddar and Monterey jack cheese, red onion, tomato, chopped pickles. shredded lettuce, house mustard aioli.

Chestnut’s Holiday Pasta 14.95

bow tie pasta, sage brown butter, cauliflower florets, sun-dried tomato, spinach leaves, chestnut riccota, toasted bread crumbs.

Sugar and Spice Salad13.95

spinach leaves, goat cheese crumbles, baked crunchy apple chips, crimson red pears, grilled butternut squash, walnut brittle, cinnamon chipotle vinaigrette